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Attention to detail

Attractive product images lure visitors into customers—this has been the thumb rule for any e-commerce website. Since the visitor is unable to touch and feel or look the actual product, high-quality images come in handy to bridge this gap. We at Elyon make this process easier for you without our e-commerce photo retouching services to online retailers.

Edited image

Services we provide

Augment the way customers look at the jewelry to the next level by:

  • E-commerce image creation from original to web-store optimized
  • Advanced blending techniques to create shadow and provide a sense of depth
  • Layer masking, translucency/transparency masking techniques to make the image feel true to original
  • Background removal by providing image isolation or extraction
  • Mannequin photo editing, cutout, and manipulation to fit the lighting
  • Color correction to balance brightness and contrast of the image
  • Ghost mannequin effect to eliminate the effect of using the human figure
  • High-volume batch processing and resizing of images
  • 360-degree pack-shot retouching
  • Shadow creation to enhance reality
  • Fulfill top e-commerce photo editing requirements

Our expert designer strives forward to produce high-quality images and remove unflattering backgrounds, unwanted distractions, bad lighting and color defects to maintain the originality of the product.

How it works

Capture. Upload. Tailor. Publish. –It’s that simple.

Step 1

Take photos

Create interesting stories by capturing the moment.

Step 2

Upload your work

Send us your images to retouch details.

Step 3

We edit them

Our expert designers can do all the editing for you.

Step 4

Timely delivery

Get the image delivered within 24 hours.

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